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7 reasons your Scrum Master may be underperforming

What do you need to have a great and effective scrum master on a team? The Scrum Master is, I think, one of the most misunderstood roles on the scrum team. It’s a critical role to ensure your team will … Continue reading

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Who cares if you’re doing scrum or not?

Have you ever heard the question: “Are you doing Scrum? I mean, really doing scrum?” Or: “If I take the Scrum textbook practices, but change one or two things to suit my business, software or people, is that still Scrum?” … Continue reading

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SCRUM User Stories: As a User, NOT As a Manager

The success or failure of a piece of software, or any product for that matter, is how well its users are satisfied, and how well it solves their needs. In the world of web software, adding functionality is rarely the … Continue reading

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Better SCRUM User Stories: Connect the story with the real user value

Everything you do to your product has a reason. There’s a reason that button is blue, or that message contains those words. There’s a reason you display that data or that notification. Every reason is, at its heart, about the … Continue reading

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Communication in standups: watch the team, not the speaker

You can gain a lot of insights about people’s mood and reaction to news and disucssions just by watching them. One habit I have picked up is during the daily standup, instead of watching the person speaking, I look around … Continue reading

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Better scrum user stories: Split stories horizontally, not vertically

Teams often run into trouble in a sprint when they’re trying to work with poorly split stories. Stories that are too big, too small, confusing or that mix the problem with the solution… We should split stories into small, discreet … Continue reading

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Better scrum user stories: save the solution for the spec

In the world of Scrum the user stories are at the heart of everything that’s added to the software: it’s how you break down the product strategy and requirements into discreet, develop-able chunks. We build software for our users, so … Continue reading

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