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The most important career skill for this century: fixing what’s broken

Companies are a complicated beasts. Reporting lines, structures, process, heirarchy, politics… finding your way through the corporate maze and working out how to get things done and ship meaningful work can be tough. If you look around in any company, … Continue reading

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The space between

Web developers can tell you that application speed is all about latency. It’s about the speed between component A and B; the distance between this server and that one; the response time of that API. In other words, it’s about … Continue reading

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Not my job

Not my job One of my first jobs was as a bartender in a pub. My supervisor, Ted, had what I then thought was a compulsive neatness habit. If he saw a chair was out of place, he would straighten … Continue reading

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Pay off your debt

Photo from here. In Agile development teams we talk about technical debt. A debt is basically anything you owe the codebase; anything you need to pay back. When you make a decision to ship less-than-pefect code to meet a deadline, … Continue reading

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Seek understanding – not insurance

When you communicate, you have two responsibilities: 1. communicate your message 2. ensure the message is understood #1 is easy – but it is #2 that counts. You can do #1 and forget or skip #2 – but you haven’t … Continue reading

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The focus manifesto

Do you ever feel like you’re rushing from one thing to the next, without really doing any one thing properly? Are you running from one social appointment to the next without taking the time and attention to enjoy each one? … Continue reading

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The right to satisfaction

If you’re not happy at work, I think you have two choices. You can either: take an active role in making things better, or leave. Everyone has the right to improve their own situation. If you see problems or difficulties … Continue reading

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