William Gill and his bike

Welcome to my blog. 

My name is William Gill. I grew up on the east coast of Australia, studied and started my career in Sydney, and 2 years ago I followed my girl and my heart to Berlin, Germany. 

I’m a product creator, Scrum and Agile advocate, web enthusiast and change instigator. I work for Nokia and I am the Product Owner of Nokia’s web social location platform, maps.nokia.com

I love the web… I love the openness and the connectedness. I love that the internet gives everyone a voice and the power to create real change, and I love seeing the creativity behind the ways people use it.

The other things that keep me busy are my motorbike and my piano lessons (I’m not very good yet, but it’s getting better all the time). I’m also always looking for opportunities to improve my German. To continually learn and develop one’s self is the best gift you can give yourself. An idle mind is the devil’s playground!

You can see more about me here: williamgill.de

I hope you find something valuable for you here, and I hope you find something to take away.

Thanks for stopping by.

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