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Advertising – the good and the bad

We all want to get paid. As ‘free’ continues to become the norm for data, information, apps and services, developers reach to advertising to fill the ‘P’ part of their profit and loss statements. Internet revenue hit $7.3 billion in … Continue reading

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Who cares if you’re doing scrum or not?

Have you ever heard the question: “Are you doing Scrum? I mean, really doing scrum?” Or: “If I take the Scrum textbook practices, but change one or two things to suit my business, software or people, is that still Scrum?” … Continue reading

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Software update cycle: faster every day

My Atari 2600 never got a firmware update. Not a single one. Neither did any of the game cartridges that came with it. In the early days of software, ‘soft’ware was really just a different kind of hardware. It was … Continue reading

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