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Maximise success

Many processes and organisational controls are set up to minimise failure. They are set up to minimise the number of times a team releases bad software; minimise the number of customer complaints; minimise the server crashes or minimise the failed … Continue reading

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Not my job

Not my job One of my first jobs was as a bartender in a pub. My supervisor, Ted, had what I then thought was a compulsive neatness habit. If he saw a chair was out of place, he would straighten … Continue reading

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Pay off your debt

Photo from here. In Agile development teams we talk about technical debt. A debt is basically anything you owe the codebase; anything you need to pay back. When you make a decision to ship less-than-pefect code to meet a deadline, … Continue reading

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Communication in standups: watch the team, not the speaker

You can gain a lot of insights about people’s mood and reaction to news and disucssions just by watching them. One habit I have picked up is during the daily standup, instead of watching the person speaking, I look around … Continue reading

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Software’s worst enemy: consensus

A vote for everybody is a vote for nobody. Photo from here. The best software and products dazzle out of the box. They set new boundaries and exceed expectations. And they don’t settle for less than outstanding. Designing software with … Continue reading

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Focusing on your product vision

In agile we promote working in small iterations, and building just enough to solve your problem today. I try to encourage my team to avoid designing a problem to the very end, but to focus only on what is necessary … Continue reading

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