The right to satisfaction

If you’re not happy at work, I think you have two choices. You can either:

  1. take an active role in making things better, or
  2. leave.

Everyone has the right to improve their own situation. If you see problems or difficulties at work, you can raise your voice and help find constructive solutions.

But if you’re going to respond to every initiative with innate cynicism; if you’re going to sit in every meeting and complain about your colleagues; if you’re going to spread rumours and dissatisfaction and nurture dissent, then I think you owe it to yourself to leave. Now.

Life is way to short to sit in a job that leaves you unsatisfied.


About Will

I'm Will. I'm a product creator, Scrum and Agile advocate, web enthusiast and change instigator. I work for Nokia and I am the Product Owner of Nokia's web social location platform,
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