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A half product is better than a half-arsed product

Most software projects have a deadline of some kind, and only the very lucky few don’t have a budget. In this landscape that leaves two things you can compromise on: features, or quality. The temptation is always there to try … Continue reading

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The danger of cc and reply-all

I got an email the other day, adressed to me with a mailing list of all the other Product Managers from our site in cc, that started with the words: “Actually, that’s completely wrong.” It was referring to my previous … Continue reading

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Recurring impediments

Last week I wrote about impediments, and making sure you go through them every day at the daily scrum standup. As I was discussing blockers with my team over the past week I noticed (again) that most of these impediments … Continue reading

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Change the unchangeable

In an environment where so many people avoid decisions, shy away from responsibility and avoid asking hard questions, the people who do this well stand out. Shake a few trees. Take a risk and raise a tough issue. What’s really … Continue reading

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What’s getting in your way?

The daily scrum standup is about answering three very simple questions: What did you do yesterday? What are you going to do today? Do you have any blockers? All three questions are important, but you know what… this is another … Continue reading

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Scrum is not a solution to your problems

Scrum won’t solve all your development problems. Even if you implement 100% of the Scrum textbook (and most companies don’t), it won’t fix a broken development environment overnight. Scrum process just helps to bring your problems to the surface so … Continue reading

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Why the Product Owner is not the Scrum Master

Despite what is often the case in software organisations, a Product Owner is not a Scrum Master. To me, the two roles are both absolutely critical to the success of a scrum team, but they are not only very different, … Continue reading

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